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Wee Pups Doggy Daycare & Boarding is a home away from home for your small breed fur babies. We take pride in ensuring your family members are cared for in a home environment. They receive the same benefits that they do at home. If they sleep in your bed, then they sleep in ours. 

Our services

Doggy Daycare

Daycare services are in my home with your pup(s) having all the perks they would have at home. We venture out on walks and playtime throughout the day. I provide single ingredient treats or if special dietary needs are required, you can bring your own.

Doggy Boarding

Boarding services provide a safe and loving home for your pup(s) while you’re away. Feel comfortable knowing that your pup(s) are in a home environment that provides all the normalcies of home. If they sleep in your bed, then they sleep in ours.

Drop in Service

Drop In Services are 30 minute drop in session to your home. I will ensure that your dog/cat goes for a washroom break and has some all important play time. I am also available to do any other requests that you may have; such as, feeding, fresh water, treats. i will also provide you with notifications that I have arrived, pictures while I am there and status update when I leave.

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